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“D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” is a Law and Juridical Consultancy Office established in 1996 by Mr. David Hopffer Almada, Lawyer and Legal Adviser.

It’s essentially comprised of a group of Lawyers and Juridical Consultants, and supported, whenever is necessary, by professionals of different areas of expertise (Economy and Finances, Sociology, Administration and BusinessManagement etc.), and this activity is carried out  in the whole country.

“D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” is a Law Office with great experience in rendering services in the areas in which it intervenes, and its associate Lawyers and Consultants master different languages such as Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. 

The organization of “D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” is based on simple and modern principles of management, adapted to the specific conditions  and to the nature of the services rendered, namely in the exercise of law services. Its Lawyers and Consultants are assisted by a formal, administrative and accounting servisse (with a dedicated staff, and the necessary and modern means and equipment), as well as a library reasonably equipped and frequently updated.

There is a branch of “D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” in the Island of Sal (Espargos) and Boavista (Sal-Rei). 

“D.Hopffer Almada & Associados” collaborates with Lawyers Offices from different Countries, such as: Angola, Brazil,England, France, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UnitedStates of America.


DR. David Hopffer Almada

Lawyer and Juridical Consultant
Founder and Managing Partner

Drª Ana Cristina Hopffer Almada

 Lawyer and Juridical Consultant

Drª Janira Hopffer Almada

 Lawyer and Juridical Consultant

Drª Jaqueline Luz

Lawyer and Juridical Consultant


Drª Nadine Dos Reis

Junior Associate Lawyer

Drª Rosemary Santos

Junior Associate Lawyer


Junior Associate Lawyer

Intern Lawyers


Intern Lawyer

Drª Joana Barbosa

Intern Lawyer

DR. Samora Monteiro

Intern Lawyer

Dr. Michel Mané

Intern Lawyer

The Areas of Activity

Juridical Assistance

“D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” assures juridical assistance permanently to many institutions and national, international, and foreign companies, and has participated in the elaboration of technical studies and legislative projects of different nature, as well as assistance in the privatization of public companies, and in the structuring, organization, and definition of the internal rules of various services, companies, and public and private companies.

Law and Legal Advice

In the exercise of the law and juridical consulting activities, “D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” offers services in different areas of Law, with a specific focus in the domains of Civil Law (contracts, property, family and minors, rights of succession), Commercial Law and Companies Acts, External Investment, Financial, Banking and Insurance Law, Administrative, Fiscal and Customs Law, Labour Law, Environmental Law, Authors Rights, Industrial Rights, and Penal Law.

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Julius Von Uberstien

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Rachel Stamos

“I’m working with these guys from now on!”

John Smith

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Phil Johnson

O ServiÇo ADministrativo

Dr. Joaquim Monteiro

Head of Secretariat

Dr. Lucílio Varela


Srª Nélida Vieira

Legal Secretary / Receptionist

Srª Heidy dos Reis

Secretary / Receptionist

Srª Mónica Duarte

Secretary / Receptionist
Boa Vista

SR. Jacinto Almeida dos Santos


Srª Maria Dulcelina Cabral

General Services Assistant

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Headquarters - City of Praia
Rua do Sporting, nº 4, 1º Andar,
Achada Stº António - Cx. P 327
Telef: (+238) 262 31 00/02/04
Fax: (238) 262 31 03
Santiago Island– Republic of Cape Verde

Sal Branch
Zona Centro 3, 1º Andar Frente 2,
Edifício SITA, Morro Curral,
Cx.P. 132, Espargos,
Telef: (+238) 241 41 12
Fax: (238) 241 41 10
Sal Island - Republic of Cape Verde

Boa Vista Branch
Palácio à Entrada de Sal-Rei
Rua 4 de Julho, 1º Andar,
Telef: (+238) 335 12 05
Boa Vista Island– Republic of Cape Verde




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